Hitman Absolution – Attack of the Saints

By Jason Green

Today the newest trailer for the upcoming Hitman: Absolution, the fifth game in the long running Hitman series, debuted today.

The Hitman games have always had a dark, gritty, criminal underworld-esque feel to them. Now tell me if you get that same feeling from this trailer?

In it we see our anti-hero, Agent 47, cleaning himself up only to get attacked by a bunch of half naked, gun wielding assassin nuns. Uhh… what?

Maybe the developers want to go the over-the-top route to attract new fans. But if you look at the gameplay trailer that debuted a few months ago, you don’t get that feeling at all.

I’ve always been a fan of over-the-top action, that’s why Shoot ‘Em’ Up was such an awesome movie. However, putting that in a Hitman game seems out of place. I guess we’ll have to wait to for the final product to judge.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always been a big fan of the Hitman games and am very excited it’s finally making its way to the PS3, but, if Agent 47 is going to be pimp smacking  bazooka nuns in the game, I’ll be longing for those PS2 predecessors.


In The Basement Episode 2

Here’s the second episode of In The Basement.

This week Jason, Kyle, and special guest Mike talk about under appreciated games along with various other topics such the risque Resident Evil 6 box art.

Also why CNN is full of shit.


Obtainable – Sly Cooper

By Jason Green

You are now witnessing the birth of a new segment here on Gameternity called “Obtainable”.

Each week I will review a game that has extremely simple trophies, or if you play xbox, achievements. Making the game I am talking about very “obtainable”.

Get it!?

First up is the HD re-release of the Sly Cooper collection, more specifically the first game Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus. Basically to earn every trophy/achievement you simply need to play the game.

There isn’t much you would have to go out of your way to do so a lot of trophies/achievements are earned by completing  levels and defeating bosses.

Collecting all of the clue bottles in every level is a big trophy/achievement though they aren’t that hard to find throughout each level and some of the power ups you get point out where all clue bottles are.


Not much more needs to be said. If you want an easy platinum trophy, or want to up your gamerscore, play Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus. You simply have to beat the game, and you’ve obtained everything.

I am open to any future suggestions for games that have easy trophy’s/achievements! Contact me!


E3 Blunders

By Jason Green


Every June there is a little event known as the Electronic Entertainment Expo, E3. It might not strike the common man as something of importance, but E3 is actually the biggest assembly for the biggest entertainment medium.

It’s a huge video game convention.

Journalists from all over the globe; all races and ethnicities gather at E3 to salivate at the upcoming products that will be shown off.

Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo all use the three days that E3 takes up to present the world with new IPs (intellectual properties, and fancy term for new video games), game consoles, game peripherals, and so on. Not to mention game developers such as Ubisoft and Konami, along with many others, unveil new material.

This all sounds like a nerds wet dream, but sometimes the sheets get soaked.

Let’s take a quick look at some of E3’s less than stellar moments

Mr. Caffeine 

Need I say more?

See the thing that bugs me is that the people who run E3 seem to hire entertainers who don’t know a thing or two about gaming and think they’re talking to high schoolers. If you look at some of the people who come out on stage and represent these companies, you’ll see what I mean.

Now I have no idea what the case for Mr. Caffeine was but Ubisoft apparently thought this guy was funny or secretly hated that man and wanted to embarrass him. Either way, he entertained me in a Mystery Science Theater-esque way.

Jamie Kennedy


Another example of sending someone on stage who knows nothing about video games. I understand that these developers want to hire some famous names to promote a product or two but for heavens sake make sure he/she doesn’t get totally hammered before stepping out on stage.

Wait, is Jamie Kennedy even a famous name?

Sony’s PS3 Unveiling 

Now I am a big sony fan boy and watching that really kicks me in the soul.

Way back in 2006 when Sony finally presented the shiny new Playstation 3 it was met with a big gasp, and not a good one. The console had a whopping $600 price tag and a line up of mediocre launch titles.

The part that steals the show is when they claim Genji 2 is based on real Japanese battles, yet they fight a giant crab. Hey, maybe it was real at one point.

Thankfully, 6 years later, the PS3 is alive and kicking but nobody has forgotten its lackluster birth.

However, E3 has been around for over 10 years and I have just scratched the surface on some of the embarrassing things that have been shown there. Who knows, maybe something this year will take the cake.


The Last Of Us

By Jason Green

Last december at the Video Game Awards, the debut trailer for Naughty Dog‘s newest game The Last Of Us premiered (seen above).

The Last Of Us is a post-apocolyptic game set 20 years after a fungus epidemic know as Cordyceps wreaks havoc across the world, turning people into quasi-zombies.

Kind of like 28 days later except with huge fungus heads. Tough guy Joel is tasked with taking 14 year old Ellen Page-I mean Ellie- across the country for some unknown reason. Probably to film Juno 2.

What makes this game worth looking forward to is not the fact that it’s another post-apocolyptic game, there’s a slew of those, it’s the fact that it’s a Naughty Dog game. They made all three Uncharted games, Jack and Daxter games, and Crash Bandicoot games. To go from fun, pulpy, campy adventures to a dark, grim, and grotesque setting seems like a daring step.

Though Naughty Dog has never done wrong (to the best of my knowledge) and I full-heartedly believe that The Last Of Us will be a smash hit. It’s always good to break out of your shell and try something new, so I give Naughty Dog credit for doing so and it looks like they’re taking the same care and finesse to all of their other products.

In the newest trailer Naughty Dog redesigned Ellie. Probably to make her look less like Ellen Page. Joel still looks like Josh Brolin though.


MultiplayerMania Is Running Wild

In The Basement – Episode 1

For all you video game nerds, here my first video game podcast In The Basement. Hear my friend and I talk about specific game related topics and recap the weeks events.

Episode 1 discusses the Halo 4 box art, the sluggish PS Vita sales, and the main topic is our top 5 game sequels we want. Enjoy!

Video Game Movies And Why They Suck

The Dead fact of Dead Space 3

By Jason Green

Salutations video gamers and welcome to the first inaugural post of Gameternity. Definitely not the only video game blog on the internet, but the only one with me. That being said, let’s get the ball rolling!

Isaac being a badass

Dead Space 3 was confirmed recently, much to nobody’s surprise, but the one thing that did surprise everybody are the new bells and whistles it now includes.

Apparently, the new Dead Space will include drop-in drop-out co-op along with the ability to take cover, and Isaac, the Dead Space protagonist for those of you who don’t know, will now be fighting humans as well as big ugly monsters.

Word on the street is that many fans are not in favor of this. The first two Dead Space games were scary, claustrophobic, nail-biting adventures that had some of the most grotesque monsters in gaming history. Why would the developers now include human enemies?

I understand the notion of not wanting a game series to get stale, but changing the lore of a game just to keep it fresh is a step in the wrong direction. I, personally, would be just fine with shooting at more monsters instead of the inclusion of humans. Also with the addition of co-op, though it is an option, still takes away from the feel of terror Dead Space is known for. Nothing is more scary than being alone.

Sure the developers are going to add new things to the series but they shouldn’t be things that make the game into something it’s not.

Scared cat remembers the good ol’ days

This wouldn’t be the first time a developer radically changed a game series, just take a look at Resident Evil. That series has changed from a horror franchise to a straight up action franchise. I’ll admit I do enjoy those games, but it did take me awhile to warm up to how different those games are now.

Maybe I’ll be totally wrong and Dead Space 3 will be amazing, and I hope that’s the case. But for now I’m just going to relish in the thought that a developer doesn’t need to change the feel of a certain game just to keep it fresh. There’s plenty of other ways to do so while maintaining the same feel.

If you think I’m full of shit, or just want to pick my brain, contact me!