Video Game Movies And Why They Suck

In Your Face Media

by Jason Green

That’s the age old question. Why do video game movies suck? Some games out there have awesome stories but when translated into a full length movie, they end up being horrible. My prime examples would be the Resident Evil movies. The source material that the games provide is very good, yet director Paul W.S. Anderson, for some god awful reason, decides to completely change the storyline into a terrible film series. I am still trying to figure out why there’s 5 of these movies and with a sixth planned.

Aside from those evil movies (no pun intended), there has been a slew of other horrible game-based movies. Lets take a quick look:

Super Mario Bros 

Alone in the Dark

Far Cry



Excuse me while I go vomit.

To be fair, the Silent Hill movie wasn’t THAT bad. As for as game movies go it…

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