MultiplayerMania Is Running Wild

In Your Face Media

By. Jason Green

We live in the age of connectivity; the age where we can find out what anybody, anywhere is doing, even your ex girlfriend. Since so many things are connected via the large expansive Internet, game developers have jumped on this bandwagon too.

All of you readers already know that games have been going online for about 12 years now. The Sega Dreamcast was the first game console to have games go online but that was very primitive. Four years later when Halo 2 was released, Xbox launched their new online service called Xbox Live and that ended up becoming a milestone when it comes to online gaming. Finally gamers have a service they could call their own, a service that connects all of their games into one, single, social media service.

Nowadays it seems every game comes with some sort of online multiplayer connectivity so, this begsā€¦

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