The Last Of Us

By Jason Green

Last december at the Video Game Awards, the debut trailer for Naughty Dog‘s newest game The Last Of Us premiered (seen above).

The Last Of Us is a post-apocolyptic game set 20 years after a fungus epidemic know as Cordyceps wreaks havoc across the world, turning people into quasi-zombies.

Kind of like 28 days later except with huge fungus heads. Tough guy Joel is tasked with taking 14 year old Ellen Page-I mean Ellie- across the country for some unknown reason. Probably to film Juno 2.

What makes this game worth looking forward to is not the fact that it’s another post-apocolyptic game, there’s a slew of those, it’s the fact that it’s a Naughty Dog game. They made all three Uncharted games, Jack and Daxter games, and Crash Bandicoot games. To go from fun, pulpy, campy adventures to a dark, grim, and grotesque setting seems like a daring step.

Though Naughty Dog has never done wrong (to the best of my knowledge) and I full-heartedly believe that The Last Of Us will be a smash hit. It’s always good to break out of your shell and try something new, so I give Naughty Dog credit for doing so and it looks like they’re taking the same care and finesse to all of their other products.

In the newest trailer Naughty Dog redesigned Ellie. Probably to make her look less like Ellen Page. Joel still looks like Josh Brolin though.



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