Hitman Absolution – Attack of the Saints

By Jason Green

Today the newest trailer for the upcoming Hitman: Absolution, the fifth game in the long running Hitman series, debuted today.

The Hitman games have always had a dark, gritty, criminal underworld-esque feel to them. Now tell me if you get that same feeling from this trailer?

In it we see our anti-hero, Agent 47, cleaning himself up only to get attacked by a bunch of half naked, gun wielding assassin nuns. Uhh… what?

Maybe the developers want to go the over-the-top route to attract new fans. But if you look at the gameplay trailer that debuted a few months ago, you don’t get that feeling at all.

I’ve always been a fan of over-the-top action, that’s why Shoot ‘Em’ Up was such an awesome movie. However, putting that in a Hitman game seems out of place. I guess we’ll have to wait to for the final product to judge.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always been a big fan of the Hitman games and am very excited it’s finally making its way to the PS3, but, if Agent 47 is going to be pimp smacking  bazooka nuns in the game, I’ll be longing for those PS2 predecessors.



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