Early Review: The Amazing Spider-Man Game

By Jason Green









Spider-Man is one of the most popular super heros in the world.

Spawning three movies, a huge line of toys, costumes, a number of video games, and, oh yeah, comic books.

Well the newest movie, The Amazing Spider-Man is coming out in a few days and that means, a new Spider-Man video game, woo!

Being a huge Spider-Man fan, I decided to purchase it.

The following is an review in-progress. I have not finished the game yet. No spoilers will follow.

So far I’m enjoying the game. It’s very reminiscent to Spider-Man 2, regarding the ability to free roam around Manhattan, and simply swinging around the city feels amazing.

The action effects, snapping camera angles, and animations really give you a sense of speed as you zip around the big apple.

The new web rush mode lets you slow down time and plot where you want Spidey to zip too.

As you’re roaming around the city, there are 400 comic books laying all over the place just waiting for you to pick up. Once you pick up a certain number, you’ll be able to read actual Spider-Man comics in the extras menu.

The combat is very similar to the Batman: Arkham games, with a simple attack button, counter button, and signature move button. Of course it feels more quick and agile, as Spider-Man would be, and less lumbering and powerful, as Batman would be.

The game is very, very easy though. Even on the hard difficulty you won’t much of a challenge. This might turn some gamers off.

The game was released June 26th and, as for the story, it serves as an epilogue to the movie coming out July 3rd. So far the story seems to be sub par. It’s just there to give Spidey an excuse to fight giant robots and monsters.

However, it does spoil some major plot points from the upcoming movie which makes me wonder why it wasn’t released the same day the movie comes out.

Overall I’m having a lot of fun with the game. The swinging/free roaming feels great, the combat is a lot of fun, though easy, and there’s a lot of side-missions and collectables to keep you busy.

Even though it does spoil the movie, doesn’t look graphically amazing, and the cast from the movie doesn’t provide their voices, it’s still a very fun game.

Once I finish the game, I’ll put out a completed review.



Review: Mass Effect 3 Extended Ending

By Jason Green.






Well I finally played it.

The “expanded” ending to Mass Effect 3, the final game in one of the greatest trilogies ever, came out last night.

I’ll cut right to the chase, I loved it.

As you all know already, when Mass Effect 3 debuted in March, fans were sent into an uproar over the unsatisfying ending. Well yesterday, the Extended Cut DLC came out and, I can safely say, it solved all of the problems that the original endings had.

All of the plot holes from the original three endings were explained and even though some of the over arcing story is  still hard to follow, everything feels a lot more complete.

The new scenes that are added explain what happens to your squad during the final battle, what happens to the rest of the alien races, and what’s in store for the future of the galaxy.

I won’t spoil anything but trust me, the game finally has proper closure.

Though, I’m left scratching my head wondering why this wasn’t the ending to begin with.

To me it feels like the extended ending should have been the original ending from the start because some of the scenes in it feel like a no brainer to me. Like they should have always been there.

Alas, I still found it extremely satisfying.

After watching the final shot, the proverbial “riding off into the sunset” shot, I sat on my couch in awe.

I witnessed the end to one of the greatest trilogies of any fiction ever told.

Bravo 10/10


Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut Ending Drops This Tuesday!

By Jason Green






The wait is almost over! Finally the sour taste of the ending of one of the greatest trilogies in gaming will be washed out.

Or, at least I hope so.

It was recently announced that this Tuesday, June 26th, Bioware will be releasing the Extended Cut DLC which will expand upon the endings that were provided to us in Mass Effect 3.

Back in March, Mass Effect 3 was released with rave reviews. Gamers and critics loved it, except for one specific detail.

The ending.

The ending was met with extreme distaste, some saying it ruined the series.

I, personally, didn’t like the ending at all. I felt it was to abrupt, contradicted a lot of the themes that the first two games established, and made no sense.

To understand what I’m saying, just watch this.

Well now it seems that Bioware is going to try to rectify this.

The Extended Cut DLC promises to expand upon the endings we were given, promising a better explanation and more closure to the universe of Mass Effect and to the characters we all know and love by adding additional scenes and a new epilogue.

Also it’s 1.9gb large and will cost absolutely nothing.

Bioware recommends to load a save file from right before the assault on the Illusive Man’s base. The new cutscenes will start playing out from there.

I, honestly, am really excited for this.

Bioware usually seems to know what they’re doing and there’s definitely been more than enough criticism at the original endings to gather that information and learn from their mistakes.

Everybody deserves a second chance, and I have total faith Bioware will make due with theirs.

If not, though, there’s always fan fiction!


Xbox 360 ban in the U.S.?!

By  Jason Green

Huh!? What!?







Yup that was my reaction too when I heard the news.

Turns out, there has been an ongoing dispute between tech giants Microsoft and Motorola due to Microsoft first accusing Motorola of using their technology known as ActiveSync, then Motorola turning the tables and trying to accuse Microsoft of using five different patents on Xbox 360 and Windows.

This case came to fruition back in April when a judge found that Microsoft did in fact have four out of five Motorola Mobility patents.

Shortly after a judge decided that it would need to review each infringement thus coming to a decision.

If the ultimate decision is against Microsoft, then a nationwide Xbox 360 ban could be in effect.

This past May a similar ruling oversees found out that Microsoft was indeed using Motorola patents thus banning sales of the Xbox 360, Internet Explorer, and Windows Media Player in Germany.

All heads are now shaking at Microsoft’s blunder and to make matters worse, a judge recommended against continued sales of the Xbox 360 in the United States. This is only a recommendation but it could have a big affect on the final decision.

Both sides are stubborn and aren’t coming to a final agreement. The International Trade Commission recommended an import ban on all Androids using ActiveSync and all 360s until the patent issue is settled.

The ITC might bring this matter to the White House if a settlement isn’t agreed upon.

Microsoft seems to be in some hot water right now. Though I haven’t discovered what the exact patents were that they’ve been using it must not be a simple fix or they probably would have done so and avoided all this talk of banning.

Can you even imagine a world without the 360? I myself don’t own one, as I’ve stated I’m a Playstation fan boy, but I’ve always respected the Xbox.

I do hope Microsoft figures this out. I can’t imagine walking into a Gamestop and not seeing something Xbox related.

The rest of the story can be found here.


Friday Flicks 6-22-12

Why Do All Superman Games Suck?

By Jason Green

My favorite gaming news site, IGN, just posted the review for Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heros. The tagline called it “The Greatest Superman Game Of All Time.”

Superman is only a side character in the game and to say it’s the best Superman game ever, even though he’s not even the star, doesn’t bode well for games that carry his name.

Let’s go back in time to the good ol’ year of 1999.

That’s the year the infamous Superman 64 for Nintendo 64 debuted only to be torn apart by critics and gamers.

That game had numerous delays and development problems leading up to its launch and when it finally came out, it was a broken mess. I could tell you how bad that game was but I’m sure you already know.

For those who don’t: It was riddled with game breaking bugs, horrible graphics, wooden gameplay, and extreme repetition.

It was rated one of the worst games of all time.

I actually still have my copy, it makes a good bookend.

The first Superman game for PS2 was called Superman: Shadows of Apokolips (yes that is how they spelled Apocalypse), which I also still have, and actually, that game wasn’t terrible.

It was a huge step up from Superman 64, with it’s cool cutscenes and mostly fun gameplay. But again the game was plagued with repetition and some extremely difficult parts that turned most gamers off and it ultimately tanked in sales.

In 2006 when Superman Returns hit theaters, there was obviously a video game tie in with the same name.

The months leading up to that game were filled with previews saying how outstanding the game was going to be and how it was break the curse of horrible Superman games.

Well I can safely say that they were all dead wrong and Superman Returns was another atrocity.

The game had extremely difficult gameplay and annoyingly long levels. So when you’d die you’d start back from the very beginning and rip your hair out.

That was just one thing in the long list of things wrong with that game.

To make it easier, I’ll sum it up with four words. It’s a movie game.

Ever since than there hasn’t been a Superman game aside from that one on the IPhone and a few games here and there where he’s just one out of a list of characters.

So why are Superman games so bad? Why can’t developers just sit down and make a good one? Batman games had a long history of crappy video games but that eventually turned around with Batman: Arkham Asylum and Arkham City.

I think part of the problem is that save from Kryptonite, Superman is a god and nothing can kill him. So in a Superman game he’d need to fight a lot of people with Kryptonite or just not die at all, making for an extremely simple game.

I guess developers have a hard time trying to make a game featuring someone with only one weakness.

Awhile back I remember reading rumors that Rocksteady, the company behind both Batman: Arkham games, was going to develop a new Superman game. Nothing was heard after that but if that does come to fruition, I think our worries would be over.

As for now, though, Superman may be a god who is allergic to green rocks, but Lex Luthor found out another weakness of his, video games.


Side Note: Where’s In The Basement?

By Jason Green

You’re probably wondering “how come there are only two episodes of your awesome podcast In The Basement!?”

Episode 1

Episode 2

Well the reason is none other than that great over-bearer known as life. My partner in crime, Kyle, has been spending his time interning in New Brunswick and as for myself, I’ve been working a lot trying to make some cash before I head back to Rowan University.

So we both apologize for being slow in putting out our podcast and will definitely try to put them out as much as we can.

As a matter of fact, Episode 3 might be out as soon as next week!

Anyway, thank you all for being patient.