E3 Highlights

By Jason Green

Another year, another E3.

For 17 years E3 has dazzled us gamers by showing off brand new games, fancy new technology, and a bunch of funny embarrassments.

This year was no different, as you will see as I recap some of the highlights from the big three.


Beyond: Two Souls – This was the first game the Sony-exclusive developers Quantic Dream showed off. They have a long line of cinematic-type video games, such as Heavy Rain and Indigo Prophecy, and Beyond: Two Souls is no different.

Staring Ellen Page (the girl from Juno) as Jodi Holmes, Holmes seems to have some sort of ghost following her that helps her kick the shit out of the SWAT team. Details so far are scarce but it’s suppose to deal with death and the afterlife. I’m already chomping at the bit for some new details.

Playstation Plus – As a thank you to all the loyal fans it was revealed that a bunch of free games were going to Playstation Plus. Sweet!!

Wonderbook – Well, who saw this coming? An augmented reality book that syncs with your PS3? Hm.. well kids might like it, and J.K. Rolling has something to do with it! Woo!

The Last Of Us – Well, now for the best highlight of the show. The gameplay of The Last Of Us. No words need to be said. Enjoy


Halo 4 – Now this is the game that will probably sell the most out of any other game this year. The Halo series has been a monster hit since 2001, and even though I don’t own an Xbox, this still looks really awesome.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist – It’s been awhile since Sam Fisher has been on our TV, but that time is up. The worlds greatest spy is back in a new pulse-pounding tale.

Gears of War: Judgment – Well honestly I was just as surprised to hear about this than I was the Wonderbook. I thought the Gears series was over with but hey, it makes money! Not much is known except for the 2013 release date.


The biggest thing Nintendo was trying to push was, of course, its new system the Wii U.

Nintendo was trying to say that the Wii U will basically be the entertainment hub of your living room. Somehow connecting everybody in the living room together, instead of each family member being on a different device whether it be a smartphone or tablet. Time will tell how this actually pans out but personally, I feel this is something Nintendo should have done 6 years ago. Some say this is a “next-gen” system but it really only feels like they’ve caught up to the current-gen.

Pikmin 3 – Scheduled to launch next year it will be the first Pikmin game is 10 years.

Super Mario Bros U – What!? A new Mario game!? Wow!

Zombie U – This was the only game that showed off the technical power of the new Wii. Sporting some impressive graphics and gameplay and, of course, who doesn’t love zombies?

Other awesome looking games

Star Wars 1313 – This game looks extremely impressive. Taking place in level 1313 of the Cloud City prison, you play as a yet named protagonist who’s a bounty hunter and has to escape the prison. It seems like a mix between Uncharted and Star Wars which will make for an outstanding game.

Resident Evil 6 – Evil has now gone global and it is up to Chris and Leon to save the day!

And so we have it, the Super Bowl of the video game industry is over for another year. Though it did have some ups and downs, it was another successful E3. The only thing it was missing was Mr. Caffeine.



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