Next-Gen Consoles: Too Soon?

By Jason Green

Word on the street is that the next batch of nifty video game consoles, the Playstation 4 and new Xbox, are scheduled to release next year.

Now these are still rumors but a lot of sources are suggesting that these rumors are fact.

The question I’m asking is, if you take a look at the games we have now, do we really need new consoles already?

This past E3 Sony showed off games like Beyond: Two Souls and The Last Of Us while Microsoft showed off Halo 4 and announced a new Gears of War, Gears of War: Judgement.

Epic games, the company behind famous games such as Unreal, and also Gears of War, displayed the Unreal Engine 4 in all of its pretty glory.

It goes without saying that the new graphics look beautiful with its new-fangled “real-time global illumination” and “particle effects”.

Yup, I totally know what I’m talking about.

Still though, it feels like it’s too soon. The above mentioned Unreal 4 engine, in my honest opinion, doesn’t look THAT much different from what we have currently.

2013 seems like a hell of a short while away to bring in the new generation since the current generation has so much life left.

The past generations only lasted 5-6 years simply because we couldn’t expand on the product, but with the PS3 and Xbox 360 we can, through firmware updates and such, and the ever growing online community.

With all that potential power still under the hood of both consoles it seems like bringing in new ones would be too soon. Maybe in about another 4 years, then the time will be right.

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6 thoughts on “Next-Gen Consoles: Too Soon?

  1. what about the wii U? that’s the one we know the most about so far since its actually been confirmed and demoed at E3. but I do kinda agree, with all the add-ons like kinect and PS Move,and the expansion of both online communities and capabilities a new console isn’t necessary, but then again,all those things were just marketing ploys,and so is this. In my opinion they should wait until they perfect the “hologram” technology that’s starting to slowly leak out, and combine those with an updated version of the wii motion plus and kinect for their respective consoles,and come out with new things based on that, cuz that is really the next step, it already looks real and you can control things by motion,now all we need is the 3rd dimension.

    • I don’t consider the Wii U next gen because it’s as powerful as current gen consoles so nintendo is basically playing catch-up. And yeah once we master augmented reality gaming, than we’ll make that leap into next gen lol

      • as far as sales across the map go,and,well,went the wii was ahead of the everyone,so this may be no different,it can certainly compete.but hey fair enough, but they’ll still call it 8th gen with ps4 and Xbox(insert # here)

  2. For me its not to soon if anything it too late. Comes consoles are so out of date its not funny PC’s have continued to move on at breakneck speed yet the tech in consoles is 5 yeas old with only cosmetic upgrade to show for the time. comparer a PC game to a console game and its clear to see the Consoles are well into there retirement age. If the tech will not move on the games can not move on then it all grinds to a stops.

    • I understand it’s just when I look at a game on my PS3 I ask myself “how can this get any better” lol I guess it’s just hard to imagine a new console so soon. I was never really a PC gamer so I don’t know much about the technical side.

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