Xbox 720 Details Leaked

By Jason Green

Boy, nothing is a secret anymore.

The big three game companies of today, Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo, always seem to have big plans under their belt but eventually they get leaked out prematurely.

Some examples would be: The PSP Go, which was leaked a few days before it was announced at E3 that year, the redesigned PS3 slim, which was leaked in a video a few months before it was officially announced, and, my personal favorite, the entire Mass Effect 3 script. Which forced Bioware to rewrite the ending.

Boy, look how well that turned out!

Well I just found out that a 52 page document that was made in 2010 containing details about the next generation Xbox was just leaked.

It shows that the new Xbox, still named the Xbox 720, will feature Blu-Ray compatibility, augmented reality glass, a new Kinect, and it’s suppose to release next year with a $299 price tag.

Also it features the Microsoft Smart Glass, which was shown at this years E3. Smart glass seems to be a way to connect to Xbox live through mobile devices.

There have been numerous rumors saying that a new Xbox will release sometime next year and this one seems to be the most valid. Only time will tell and, as stated in one of my last blogs, I still think it’s too early new consoles.

However, Microsoft is the shepherd and we are the sheep.

In other words, people will definitely buy this.



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