Best Game Dad

by Jason Green

In honor of father’s day, here is my favorite video game dad.

None other than Ethan Mars from Heavy Rain.







After his son is kidnaped by the nefarious Origami Killer, Ethan has to succumb to a series of trials the killer gives to Ethan in order to save his son.

Once completing a trial, Ethan gets another piece of the puzzle as to the whereabouts of his kidnapped son.

The trials include: driving into oncoming traffic, crawling through electric fences, killing someone, and cutting off one of his own fingers.

Each trial tests Ethan’s resolve, seeing how far he’d go to save his son.

So in honor of father’s day, here’s to you, Ethan. If your son ever talks back to you, just remind him what you did for him, that’ll shut him up.



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