Xbox 360 ban in the U.S.?!

By  Jason Green

Huh!? What!?







Yup that was my reaction too when I heard the news.

Turns out, there has been an ongoing dispute between tech giants Microsoft and Motorola due to Microsoft first accusing Motorola of using their technology known as ActiveSync, then Motorola turning the tables and trying to accuse Microsoft of using five different patents on Xbox 360 and Windows.

This case came to fruition back in April when a judge found that Microsoft did in fact have four out of five Motorola Mobility patents.

Shortly after a judge decided that it would need to review each infringement thus coming to a decision.

If the ultimate decision is against Microsoft, then a nationwide Xbox 360 ban could be in effect.

This past May a similar ruling oversees found out that Microsoft was indeed using Motorola patents thus banning sales of the Xbox 360, Internet Explorer, and Windows Media Player in Germany.

All heads are now shaking at Microsoft’s blunder and to make matters worse, a judge recommended against continued sales of the Xbox 360 in the United States. This is only a recommendation but it could have a big affect on the final decision.

Both sides are stubborn and aren’t coming to a final agreement. The International Trade Commission recommended an import ban on all Androids using ActiveSync and all 360s until the patent issue is settled.

The ITC might bring this matter to the White House if a settlement isn’t agreed upon.

Microsoft seems to be in some hot water right now. Though I haven’t discovered what the exact patents were that they’ve been using it must not be a simple fix or they probably would have done so and avoided all this talk of banning.

Can you even imagine a world without the 360? I myself don’t own one, as I’ve stated I’m a Playstation fan boy, but I’ve always respected the Xbox.

I do hope Microsoft figures this out. I can’t imagine walking into a Gamestop and not seeing something Xbox related.

The rest of the story can be found here.



5 thoughts on “Xbox 360 ban in the U.S.?!

  1. “If the ultimate decision is against Microsoft, than a nation wide Xbox 360 ban could be in affect.”

    There are three grammatical errors in this one sentence. If you’re going to post a blog, it would behoove you to double check your work.

    –If the ultimate decision is against Microsoft, then a nationwide Xbox 360 ban could be in effect.

  2. I had heard about the ban in Germany, but not this. Microsoft won’t let it happen in the States, they would sooner try to settle by paying for use of the intellectual property, and then some. Sometimes being litigious comes back to bite you, Microsoft deserved it imo.

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