Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut Ending Drops This Tuesday!

By Jason Green






The wait is almost over! Finally the sour taste of the ending of one of the greatest trilogies in gaming will be washed out.

Or, at least I hope so.

It was recently announced that this Tuesday, June 26th, Bioware will be releasing the Extended Cut DLC which will expand upon the endings that were provided to us in Mass Effect 3.

Back in March, Mass Effect 3 was released with rave reviews. Gamers and critics loved it, except for one specific detail.

The ending.

The ending was met with extreme distaste, some saying it ruined the series.

I, personally, didn’t like the ending at all. I felt it was to abrupt, contradicted a lot of the themes that the first two games established, and made no sense.

To understand what I’m saying, just watch this.

Well now it seems that Bioware is going to try to rectify this.

The Extended Cut DLC promises to expand upon the endings we were given, promising a better explanation and more closure to the universe of Mass Effect and to the characters we all know and love by adding additional scenes and a new epilogue.

Also it’s 1.9gb large and will cost absolutely nothing.

Bioware recommends to load a save file from right before the assault on the Illusive Man’s base. The new cutscenes will start playing out from there.

I, honestly, am really excited for this.

Bioware usually seems to know what they’re doing and there’s definitely been more than enough criticism at the original endings to gather that information and learn from their mistakes.

Everybody deserves a second chance, and I have total faith Bioware will make due with theirs.

If not, though, there’s always fan fiction!



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