Review: Mass Effect 3 Extended Ending

By Jason Green.






Well I finally played it.

The “expanded” ending to Mass Effect 3, the final game in one of the greatest trilogies ever, came out last night.

I’ll cut right to the chase, I loved it.

As you all know already, when Mass Effect 3 debuted in March, fans were sent into an uproar over the unsatisfying ending. Well yesterday, the Extended Cut DLC came out and, I can safely say, it solved all of the problems that the original endings had.

All of the plot holes from the original three endings were explained and even though some of the over arcing story is  still hard to follow, everything feels a lot more complete.

The new scenes that are added explain what happens to your squad during the final battle, what happens to the rest of the alien races, and what’s in store for the future of the galaxy.

I won’t spoil anything but trust me, the game finally has proper closure.

Though, I’m left scratching my head wondering why this wasn’t the ending to begin with.

To me it feels like the extended ending should have been the original ending from the start because some of the scenes in it feel like a no brainer to me. Like they should have always been there.

Alas, I still found it extremely satisfying.

After watching the final shot, the proverbial “riding off into the sunset” shot, I sat on my couch in awe.

I witnessed the end to one of the greatest trilogies of any fiction ever told.

Bravo 10/10



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