Early Review: The Amazing Spider-Man Game

By Jason Green









Spider-Man is one of the most popular super heros in the world.

Spawning three movies, a huge line of toys, costumes, a number of video games, and, oh yeah, comic books.

Well the newest movie, The Amazing Spider-Man is coming out in a few days and that means, a new Spider-Man video game, woo!

Being a huge Spider-Man fan, I decided to purchase it.

The following is an review in-progress. I have not finished the game yet. No spoilers will follow.

So far I’m enjoying the game. It’s very reminiscent to Spider-Man 2, regarding the ability to free roam around Manhattan, and simply swinging around the city feels amazing.

The action effects, snapping camera angles, and animations really give you a sense of speed as you zip around the big apple.

The new web rush mode lets you slow down time and plot where you want Spidey to zip too.

As you’re roaming around the city, there are 400 comic books laying all over the place just waiting for you to pick up. Once you pick up a certain number, you’ll be able to read actual Spider-Man comics in the extras menu.

The combat is very similar to the Batman: Arkham games, with a simple attack button, counter button, and signature move button. Of course it feels more quick and agile, as Spider-Man would be, and less lumbering and powerful, as Batman would be.

The game is very, very easy though. Even on the hard difficulty you won’t much of a challenge. This might turn some gamers off.

The game was released June 26th and, as for the story, it serves as an epilogue to the movie coming out July 3rd. So far the story seems to be sub par. It’s just there to give Spidey an excuse to fight giant robots and monsters.

However, it does spoil some major plot points from the upcoming movie which makes me wonder why it wasn’t released the same day the movie comes out.

Overall I’m having a lot of fun with the game. The swinging/free roaming feels great, the combat is a lot of fun, though easy, and there’s a lot of side-missions and collectables to keep you busy.

Even though it does spoil the movie, doesn’t look graphically amazing, and the cast from the movie doesn’t provide their voices, it’s still a very fun game.

Once I finish the game, I’ll put out a completed review.



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