Blast From The Past: Sega Game Gear

By Jason Green

When I was a little trouble maker, I got my first taste of the video game world one day when I was at day care.

I remember it was in the morning, and this kid I knew from back than, named Jesse, was playing with this big black rectangle.

I went over to him and was captivated by the pretty colors and movement on the bright screen. I read the title on the upper left and it said Game Gear.

Right away I knew I wanted one.

My old Game Gear with a few of my old games for it.

I don’t remember the exact time when I got a Game Gear. I think it was for my birthday, but I don’t quite remember.

I do, however, remember the first game I got for it, which was the Power Rangers movie game. That game kept me busy for days on end because of it’s incredibly difficult sections.

Also Sonic The Hedgehog 2 was another challenging game. I’m pretty sure I never even got past the third level.

The Sega Game Gear was the first video game system I ever owned. It opened the doors to my love for all things video games and paved the way for what my biggest passion is.

I guess you could say it was my gateway drug.

I owe a lot to that handheld and if only I could find the power adaptor, I’d probably play some more for old times sake.



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