Activision Reveals New Walking Dead First Person Shooter

By Jason Green








The Walking Dead is the highly popular comic book series developed by Kevin Smith lookalike Robert Kirkman.

The story follows a man named Rick Grimes, who wakes up to the zombie apocalypse after being in a coma for a month. Rick, than, gathers with friends and family members to survive the harsh zombie infested world.

It’s than just issue after issue, chronicling Rick and company’s terrible ordeals. Actually, issue number 100 came out on the 11th and it was pretty good.

Since its release in 2003, The Walking Dead has become very successful, spawning a TV show on AMC and recently, a downloadable video game from developer Telltale.

Of course one video game isn’t enough and recently, publisher Activision announced that developer Terminal Reality will be making a Walking Dead FPS (first person shooter) game.

This new game, as of now, is simply called The Walking Dead Video Game.

It has a tentative release date of next year and has no relation to Telltale’s Walking Dead game.

The Telltale game is based off the comic book and this new game will be based off the TV show, following the character Daryl Dixon.

The TV show is significantly different from the comics, with new characters, and some new takes on the story.

Personally, I love The Walking Dead. Specifically the comics, which I have been reading for years. The TV show on the other hand, is extremely mediocre with bland, boring, one-note characters, and unsatisfying changes to the storyline.

The Telltale game, however, is outstanding. It engages you with its gripping storyline, fun game play, and tough moral choices you have to make.

I feel indifferent about this new FPS Walking Dead Game. On one hand, the developer, Terminal Reality has a good track record with the games they’ve made. Games like the Ghostbusters game, Def Jam games, and the Bloodrayne games. On the other hand, though, this new Walking Dead game is based off of the TV show which pales in comparison to the comics.

As long as they stick to gripping action, tense moments, and dynamic characters, which is the polar opposite of the TV show, the new Walking Dead game will turn out good.

Only time will tell though.

A few months ago in an interview, Robert Kirkman once stated that a Walking Dead FPS game would be a waste of time.

I guess waving a big bag of money in someones face would change anybody’s mind.



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