By Jason Green

Czech writer Franz Kafka wrote stories about bizarre, nightmarish occurrences, such as waking up and being a giant spider.

From that, the term kafkaesque was coined – meaning something strongly surreal or just weird.

I’ve heard this term used a few times but, until now, didn’t know what it meant.

There’s more to the term than that but it got me thinking.

So, I thought to myself, what are some weird – kafkaesque like games out there.

A few came to mind.

Catherine: Catherine is a 2011 puzzle/platformer/adventure/dating sim game that follows the story of a normal dude named Vincent who is dating a cute girl named Katherine, only to become interested in a blonde bombshell named Catherine.

Throughout the game Vincent has a series of extremely bizarre dreams where he must climb up a series of boxes while being pursued by a giant demonic baby. Seriously. That’s just one of the dream sequences.

As the game goes on, the dream puzzles you have to complete get harder and harder all the while the story unfolds into something that nobody sees coming.

Poor guy, relationships can be tough!

SeamanIf you go up to someone and ask them “what was the one game from the Sega Dreamcast that you remember?” Chances are they’ll probably say Seaman.

In Seaman, you play as a scientist tasked with having to take care of this rare species of fish, a fish with a human face. Not only that, this fish can talk to you and ask you questions.

That’s the lot of the game, it’s kind of like a virtual pet, only creepier.

Katamari Damacy: When trying to explain Katamari, I have difficult time. But from what I can gather, you play as a king from heaven who has a little to much to drink and knocks out all the stars in the sky. So to fix this he goes down to earth with a Katamari – a ball with the power to stick things to it – to somehow fix the problem.

I’m not really sure how that one turns out, I’ve never played the whole thing.

Well this is only the very tip of the ice berg, as there are plenty of other bizarre, other-wordly video games out there, waiting for us to play.

All I have to say is, thanks Japan!

Have any weird games in mind, share!



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