The Low Price Of Gaming

By Jason Green







Everyone who plays video games all know one thing. The price.

An average game costs $60 bucks.

$60 dollars is by no means a small sum of money, especially in today’s economy, people are fiscally-minded.

But if you take a look back in the past, you’ll see how $60 dollars is not that bad.

Lets go back in time to the good year of 1990.

Seinfeld became a hit, the Golf War began, and a very expensive video game system known as the Neo Geo debuted.

The Neo Geo was unlike anything at the time. It was a system that was extremely ahead of its time. The only problem was the price.

It ran up to $649 dollars and each game was tagged at $200 dollars.

That was over 20 years ago.

The Turbo Grafx 16, released in 1989, was priced at $400 dollars and it’s handheld partner, the TubroExpress, was priced at $250 dollars which would be about $446 by today’s standards.

I think the price of The Legend Of Zelda: Majora’s Mask when it first came out was $80 bucks.

Also, in the N64/PS1 era, games were priced at around $30-$40 bucks so with inflation that would be a lot more in today’s economy.

The NES and SNES was expensive, too. There games were also $80 and I’m talking back in the late 80s.

Overseas, Australia specifically, once you factor in conversion a video game there costs $99 dollars. Now does a mere $60 dollar game seem bad?

I know gaming is a very expensive hobby and dropping $60 is no easy thing to do, but if you look at some of the prices from years past, one could see that we have it pretty easy now.

Once the next console life cycle hits I don’t think games will go up in price, maybe, in fact, they’ll go down.

With the talk of games becoming digital, that’ll cut out the middle man and will give us a lower price for our beloved experiences.



7 thoughts on “The Low Price Of Gaming

  1. Not only that but you figure since the video game industry is so much compared to the film industry, the numbers add up. Let’s say an average game has 20 hours of gameplay. Now an average movie is 2 hours rounded up. Let’s say a ticket costs $10 for 2 hours. You would pay up to $200 for 20 hours worth of movie watching where as gaming is $60 and can be replayed unlike movie theaters.

  2. Very good point and I am glad someone else has noticed this. One of the biggest things my mom used to say about me and video games was that I beat them too quickly. The best example was Donkey Kong Country for the SNES the game cost $60. From a SNES cartridge to a blue-ray disc at the same cost, it is nowhere near expensive as it was. Great piece

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