The Hype Machine

By Jason Green

Since video games are bigger than Hollywood, companies are always trying to hype up their next big games.

Treyarch is hyping up the new Call Of Duty, 343 Industries is getting people amped up for Halo 4, and Capcom is showing off Resident Evil 6.

This is a business strategy so fans get excited and buys one of the new games.

However, sometimes games don’t live up to the hype or end up becoming hyped for way to long.

Let’s take a look at a few.

Duke Nukem Forever – This is the number one game that comes to mind when I think of not living up to the hype. Announced during the Clinton administration, the game was slated for release in 1998 but suffered some development problems. It then looked like things were going smoothly and the game would come how 2001, but, that didn’t happen either.

Duke Nukem Forever was in development hell for many years until it was ultimately cancelled. It probably should have stayed dead, but, Borderlands developer Gearbox picked up the pieces and made one hell of a mediocre game.

When DNF finally came out last year, it was met with extremely unsatisfying and poor reviews. I played the game myself and found it extremely boring and ugly looking.

Also, I saw it in the bargain been for $5 bucks the other day.

Duke Nukem Forever? More like, Duke Nukem ForNever… ha ha.

The Last Guardian – The Last Guardian was announced in 2009 and… that’s about it. Nothing about the game has been said since.

It marks the third game in Team ICOs trilogy of awesome games, the first being the classic game ICO, second being the outstanding game Shadow of the Colossus, and third being The Last Guardian.

At this time, we should of heard something about The Last Guardian, but all we’ve heard is negative news like several developers from the studio leaving the project.

It’s been over three years since the game was announced and with all this bad press that leads me to believe it’s stuck in development hell, and, if this game ever does come out, will it live up to the hype?

Final Fantasy Versus XIII – This one is a similar story to The Last Guardian.  Versus XIII was announced way back in 2006 as a PS3 launch title. No videos were shown, just screen shots.

Since then, there hasn’t be any news.

Fans of the series have been wondering what has happened, the most suspected thing being that it was cancelled.

This, as with The Last Guardian, begs the question of, will it live up to the hype?

Only time will tell regarding the status of both The Last Guardian and Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

It seems to me that Japanese developers, though they make great games, sometimes don’t have a good hold of their projects.

For example: In the time it took Japanese developer Polyphony Digital to make Gran Turismo  5, American developer Naughty Dog made the ENTIRE Uncharted trilogy.

Food for thought.

As for now, here’s hoping that those games will end up good.



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