Scare Tactics

By Jason Green

Survival horror games haven’t been prevalent for quite some time.

Well, on consoles that is.

The last game that legitimately scared me was Dead Space. The sequel, much like the sequels to the Resident Evil games, delved into a more action oriented approach.

On PCs, however, there are a few games that are still considered horror games, and one of them is called Slender.

Slender is, by far, one of the scariest games I’ve played. The concept is extremely simple. You start out in the woods, with just a small flashlight, and are tasked with collecting 8 ripped pages  before the Slender Man comes and kills you.

With each page you collect, he gets faster and faster. You never know where he’s going to end up, whether it by around the corner, several feet behind you, or right next to you.

The scares come from the element of surprise and the creepy ambiance. The droning music, loud footsteps, and the Slender Man himself.

The Slender Man, by the way, is just a very tall, pale looking creature that one would think is a mythological beast along the lines of Bigfoot and The Jersey Devil.

Actually, the Slender Man originated from the forums on Something Awful. It seemed like a joke at first, but the creator of Slender made the Slender Man into a terrifying monstrosity.

Have a look for yourself:

So in an age where the horror genre is being over shadowed by action, just know that there is a very… slender… beacon of hope.

Oh yeah, Slender is completely free to download. Remember to play with headphones, turn off the lights, and have your eyes an inch away from the screen.




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