Playstation Vita’s Poor Sales

By Jason Green

Since its debut in late February, the PS Vita (Sony’s newest handheld) has had an extremely difficult time with its sales.

Not just in America, but in its home region of Japan the Vita has had its ass kicked by the Nintendo 3DS, and, not by a slim number, but by a long shot. Like a 16:1 ratio. On an average week the Vita sells about 16,000 units. That’s about as much people as I have in the small New Jersey town I live in.

Why is it selling so badly? The Vita is a very impressive piece of hardware. It’s got console quality graphics and has all the bells and whistle that a smartphone would have.

The price isn’t that bad either. At $249, some gamers see that as very reasonable except for the fact that the memory cards are $100 bucks.

The main problem is the games. The Vita launched with an extremely impressive line up of games, but, the flood gates have closed. After the launch games passed, there hasn’t been a Vita game since.

Basically, there’s nothing to play. Sony needs to start cranking out those games or the Vita will be dead in the water.

The other problem is marketing. Can you think of a single PS Vita commercial? No? Maybe that’s because there hasn’t been any.

Sony needs to start thinking long-term. They tend to throw all their chips on the table at the very beginning. Look at when the PS3 launched, they gave it a $600 price tag so they could start making a profit immediately. Maybe they should reverse that strategy by selling things at a much cheaper price from the beginning, and yes they’d loose some money, but would gain it back.

As they say, you got to spend money to make money.

Here’s hoping that the Vita gains popularity. I definitely want to purchase one but feel no incentive to do so.

History tends to repeat itself, so, maybe in a few years the Vita will be big.



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