Are Games Becoming Too Easy?

By Jason Green

Back in the day, the 90s, some games were unforgivably difficult. I remember one of the hardest games I ever played was Sonic The Hedgehog 2. I don’t remember ever getting past the third level. Generations Lost for Sega Genesis was another extremely challenging game I remember, too.

There was also the X-Men game for Game Gear, the Road Runner and Coyote game for Genesis, the Mega man games, and decade more of hard games.

Some would say that the games of today are a lot easier than the games of the past.

My stance is in the middle on this.

Yes some of the games of the 90s were hair-pullingly hard, but that was because games were primitive.

Things were hard back in the caveman days because we hadn’t evolved into what we are today.

The same is said for games. They were just barebones back then. Since they were a lot less complex than the games we have today, there weren’t any tutorials, any saves, or any ways to cater toward the simple player.

Well since games have grown a lot bigger, there are many ways to make games more accessible to everybody.

Some gamers do miss the challenge but there still are still games being made that are just as hard as they were back in the day. Play Devil May Cry 3 or Mega Man 9.

So, by todays standards, yes most games are easier but only so more people can play them. But there are, however, some games that can still offer an adequate challenge.


PS: I’m on vacation in San Francisco and visited IGN. Hopefully I’ll be writing for them someday!


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