What Games Are Played For

By Jason Green

Last night I finished episode 3 of The Walking Dead: The Video Game. It was by far the most disturbing, dark, and depressing episode yet, and I loved it.

Trust me, I’m no sadist but when I put the controller down I realized that this is why I play video games. This, being, the incredibly pulse pounding story.

My favorite games of all time have been games where the story is what matters most to me.  Games like the Mass Effect series, the Infamous games, the Walking Dead game episodes,  and of course, the entire Metal Gear Solid series.

Gameplay is always a big factor, I mean the game needs to be have proper controls, but it’s always a good story/plot that is the driving force for me.

The first Infamous game ended on such a huge cliff hanger that I was foaming at the mouth for 2 years until the sequel came out, thus promptly purchasing the $80 dollar collectors edition.

Games with great stories are also a testament at how far video games have evolved. No longer are they 16 bit side-scrollers where your only purpose was to save the princess. Today, video games rival Hollywood, and, I think the former is winning.

So after a hard days work, I like to unwind by turning on my TV, pressing power on my Playstation, and get lost in a good story.





2 thoughts on “What Games Are Played For

  1. Couldn’t agree more! I think games have an amazing capacity to tell great stories, and to get us truly immersed in them. I would love to see more games like Bioware’s where the story gets as much attention as the graphics and gameplay.

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