The Touchy Subject

By Jason Green


A recent article on Kotaku really opened my eyes on a certain subject. It seems that the most taboo thing in the gaming industry, is talking about the games.

Announced in 2005 originally as a launch title for PS3, Final Fantasy Versus XIII has faced a huge number of delays, and, 7 years later it still hasn’t seen the light of day. When websites like Gamespot or IGN reach out for a status report, game developer Square Enix simply issues a basic statement saying “we have no comment at this time” or something to that effect.

Why, though? Why can’t a game developer comment on its own game that they said was once in development? We are the consumers who give these people money to make games. Why can’t we have even the slightest inkling of how the game is doing?

Square Enix isn’t the only company to give a unsatisfying response, pretty much all companies do that. Whenever a company is asked about a game, it seems to be an automatic response for the PR team sporting the words “no comment”.

There’s obviously some big business reason as to why they’re tight lipped over certain things. But than how come the movie industry is always open about their projects.

Directors and actors are always updating fans on projects whether it be from twitter or an interview, but if one was doing that for a video game, they’d be chastised. The only places us gamers ever find out news is at a big event, such as E3, when the developers send out an announcement, or precarious leaks.

My major at college is Public Relations. So, if one day I work in video game PR, maybe I’ll have an answer for this subject.



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