PS4 vs Xbox One

School’s out for summer!

Last February 20th Sony held a press conference in New York city and lifted the veil on their new next-generation console, the Playstation 4. The conference was met with both critical and fan acclaim. Some saying it was extremely well put together, showing off everything the console can do except for a few things, like the actual console itself.

Jump three months later and it’s Microsoft’s turn to unveil their next-generation console. There was a lot of speculation on what it was going to be called, the most popular name being Xbox Infinite. When the time came the new Xbox was dubbed the Xbox One. Unusual name, I know, but One means “all in one”.

Both systems seem to be extremely identical in their categories, like the CPU power, RAM, and extra capabilities. However, they’re both running in opposite directions.

The PS4 is a tried and true gaming console with the ability to play Netflix, Hulu, and other forms of entertainment on the side. Sony puts the most emphasis on the games.

The Xbox One is the opposite in that it’s marketed as an entertainment machine first and a gaming machine second. A lot of gamers were turned off by this fact, but a lot of analysts are saying this could be a great move in trying to capture the larger market of the regular couch potato.

To emphasis how much Microsoft cares about TV and sports now, here is a video breakdown:

I, personally, will be getting a PS4 since I’m a devoted playstation fan. But are any of you Xbox fans turned off by the direction microsoft is heading in?