Blasts from the Past

I found these old gems the other day.



Pretty random list, I know, but for the sake of your enjoyment I will go over each of these games in detail in no particular order.

Spider-Man 2 – I remember back in the day, 14 years ago, when the original Sam Rami Spidey movie came out I rented the game that coincided with it. It was a dastardly linear affair that wasn’t much fun. That all changed with the sequel. The open world environment of New York City was able to be viewed through the fast-paced web slinging of Spider-Man. I sunk hours into that game.

Superman: Shadows of Apokolips: Superman games have a god damn terrible reputation. Though, Shadows of Apokolips was… okay… It took place in the same universe as the amazing animated series’, utilizing the art style and voice actors. Though it suffered from stiff controls and was extremely repetitive, it was still the best Superman game out there. Quite frankly, it still is. I’m still waiting on the sequel they promised…

Burnout 3 & Revenge: Now, I’ve never been a big racing fan. But those two Burnout games are fun as hell. The racing is extremely amped up with glorious crashes and explosions.

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis: The only PS1 game I have on this list and it’s by far the scariest game. I have vivid memories from my childhood where I’m playing this game than BAM that big hulking monster Nemesis breaks through a door and chases me. I lost many nights of sleep during that time.

The Suffering: Ties That Bind: The original Suffering game is a personal favorite of mine. It was a scary, immersive and a fun horror game that my friends and I talked about all the time in High School. The sequel, Ties That Bind, picks up right where the first one ended but the game itself was pale in comparison to the first. It was good, just not as good.

Rayman 3 & Raving Rabbids: I always found the Rayman games to be kind of underrated. Rayman 2, the pinnacle of the series, is a timeless platformer classic. Rayman 3 didn’t reach the heights of its predecessor but it’s still a great game nonetheless. I spent years waiting for a Rayman 4 and the next game to come out was this Raving Rabbids crap. I bought it out of sheer excitement that there was finally a new Rayman game out but it was not the type of game I wanted.

Indigo Prophecy: Indigo Prophecy will go down as one of my top five favorite games of all time. This game is a masterpiece. I don’t think I’ve ever been as immersed into a story as I was with Indigo. You really feel for Lucas has he battles his world crashing around him, questioning what’s real and what’s not. I highly recommend everybody to play this game.


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