Netflix’s Daredevil Story Leak!

Okay, okay okay… brace yourself everybody!

Now I don’t usually get information of this caliber but I recently did from an unnamed source. This source described to me an episode of the upcoming Daredevil series that’s premiering on Netflix on April 10th. Read if you… DARE.



Apparently once Matt Murdock is an established hero, running around New York City busting crime, there will be an imposter or two also trying to stand for justice. After dealing with a few, one of them finds their way through the court system.

If you don’t know, Matt Murdock only moonlights as Daredevil. During the day he’s a tried and true attorney. So, he’s gotten word that one of the impersonators has been captured and sent to jail and now Murdock has to defend him in court.

The real kicker here is that the impersonator is none other than the current Batman himself… Ben Affleck! That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. It seems that Marvel is poking fun at the previous actor who played Daredevil over 10 years ago. My sources also claim that Murdock will be defending Affleck’s Daredevil saying “he’s just trying to do the right thing”. I highly respect a company that can poke fun at itself sometimes.

Here’s a little reminder of Affleck’s Daredevil



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