Justice League Dark Will Be The Next DC Animated Movie



This comes as quite a surprise to me but the next DC Animated movie after The Killing Joke will, apparently, be Justice League Dark.

Justice League Dark is a team of not-so-super superheroes comprised of: John Constantine, Zatanna, Madame Xanadu, Enchantress and Shade the Changing Man. Members have shifted over the years, like Swamp Thing and even Frankenstein becoming part of the team. The JL Dark crew usually battles enemies of a more exotic and mystical nature. As the regular Justice League is fighting Lex Luthor or The Joker in one of their fictional cities, The Dark team are on the astral plane fields of some other-wordly dimension fighting god knows what.  Now, it seems the team will be making their small screen debut.

There’s one big reason this comes as a surprise: They announced a live action Justice League Dark movie already. Well, it was a “hot rumor” but it kept going and seemed very possible. Perhaps a live action adaptation was dropped in favor of this version because DC Entertainment is course correcting their game plan after the poor response to Batman v Superman. There was also rumors of Colin Farrell playing John Constantine in the live action version. If this live action version was planned, it must have not been easy to drop it in favor to an animated version. No disrespect to DCs animated films, they’re all fantastic in my opinion. However, a live action Justice League Dark could have been DC Entertainment’s answer to Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. I mean, you have the lovable rogue in Constantine, the mysterious character in Zatanna, the wild card in Deadman and Swamp Thing could be DCs answer to Groot. I mean it practically writes itself! Not to mention, Enchantress is already going to be in Suicide Squad. That would have been a great way to introduce the Justice League Dark team.


All in all, I’m sure the animated Justice League Dark film will be great. As I said DCs animated films are fantastic. Yes, I even liked Justice League War. It’s just surprising to see them scale down something that could work so well on the silver screen. Who knows, maybe they still will make a JL Dark live action film down the line.





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