Battlefield 1 March Expansion Revealed

It’s time to take the fight to France.

This March, Battlefield 1’s first expansion pack will drop. Titled Thou Shall Not Pass, the battle will be focused in France and will come with four new maps, weapons, and a few new game modes.

The new maps include a variety of ways to play and objectives to complete, in typical Battlefield fashion. Verdun Heights is a battle to take over Verdun Fortress all while avoiding a raging forest fire. Once players reach the fortress, combat changes from large open spaces too tight and narrow corridors.  This type of map is not new to Battlefield, but Verdun Heights promises a raging uphill climb to shake things up.  In Soissons, the second new map, Battlefield 1 takes you to a once peaceful French town now torn by the world war.

The third map coming to Battlefield 1 is Rupture, which recreates the real life battle of the French army fighting in the trenches side by side with dilapidated tanks. Rounding out these new maps is The Battle of Verdun, which was also a real life battle fought in World War 1.

Soldier in a cloud of Mustard Gas

A new mode named Frontlines will come with the expansion, and this aims to have players fight for control of a single flag. When captured, the flag changes locations to the enemy’s control point. Finally, rounding out this expansion, a new French class will be included as well as several new vehicles and a new Trench Raider elite class, which is equipped with a large number of grenades.

Battlefield 1 released last October and was met with tons of critical and commercial success. DICE, the developer, took the series from a modern setting to World War 1; a setting no mainstream war game has touched before. Since October, millions of players have been battling and eagerly awaiting DICE’s next move.


iPhone 8 Possibly Coming With New Touch ID and Facial Recognition

A change could be coming to the iPhone this year.

According to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apples popular smartphone is expected to see a major overhaul this year, to commemorate the 10th anniversary for the popular smartphone. Details have also been expressed from Macrumors.

One of the new key features that is said to launch with this year’s iPhone  is facial recognition. This could be a game changer in terms of phone accessibility. Along with that, a more drastic design change is rumored, as well as a flexible OLED screen display and 3D touch support.

Ming-Chi Kuo stated:

“Apple may switch to a film sensor from the current FPCB sensor in order to provide better 3D Touch user, as a film sensor offers higher sensitivity. Also, we can expect the new OLED iPhone will come with a flexible OLED panel. To avoid deforming the form factor of the flexible OLED panel from touch operation pressure, a metal structural part will be placed under the film sensor to provide more robust structural support.”

Kuo believes Apple will take away the iPhones fingerprint scanner altogether in favor of this new facial recognition identification. This new feature will supposedly be integrated into the new phone design for this year, which is supposedly going to have a thinner and more metallic look with the home button blended in.

iPhone 8 concept design. Not the finished product.

Although these software and design changes are just rumors, it makes sense that Apple would want to make some drastic changes to their next iPhone. Since this is the 10th anniversary of the device Apple will be celebrating accordingly by adding new features inside and out.

A big elephant in the room Apple will have to address during the next iPhone keynote speech will be security. Ever since the iPhone integrated fingerprint scanning as a primary feature, customers have felt this may lead to some unwanted attention. Apple needs to reassure their customers that the iPhone won’t leak any information about their personal life.

With the iPhone 7, Apple took away the traditional audio jack that’s been prevalent on all of those iPhones and iPods. That move was met with some dissatisfaction, but Apple was confident with their decision, and any future changes will most likely be met with the same attitude. Still, these are just rumors and speculation about the iPhone 8. Any true details will come out closer to the phone’s release.

Jack Nicholson Retires From Acting After 60 Years in Hollywood

Note: Hey guys! Shortly after I wrote this, it was said Nicholson is actually coming back and not retiring. Oh well, I hope you enjoy my content!

This is from an article I wrote for The Nerdstash:

After 60 years of gracing the Hollywood limelight, Jack Nicholson is calling it quits at the age of 79.

The veteran actor hasn’t been seen on the silver screen since the 2010s How Do You Know where he co-starred with Paul Rudd. Nicholson remained quiet since with whispers here and there he would make a return. There was a talk of him and Tom Cruise starring in a comedy, and Robert Downey Jr tried getting him to be in the next Sherlock. However, nothing could entice Jack Nicholson from leaving his comfy home in Hollywood.

The news comes from longtime friend and former co-star Peter Fonda. Fonda and Nicholson worked together in 1969s Easy Rider, the film that made Nicholson a notable actor. Fonda said:

“I think he is basically retired. I don’t want to speak for him, but he has done a lot of work and has done very well for himself financially.”

If Nicholson really is retired, which seems to be the case, he’s leaving behind a historic legacy. Nicholson is the most nominated actor in the history of the Academy Awards. Three of the awards were for his roles in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, As Good As It Gets, and Terms of Endearment. Nicolson dabbled in various genres, from dramatic to comedy, to horror, and action. Nicholson always brought his A game and left the audience wanting more. One of his most memorable roles is as the Joker from 1989s Batman.

The Joker

The Joker in Tim Burton’s Batman

He will be remembered as an actor with an iconic demeanor, voice, and overall attitude. His work in The Shining proved he can convey the actions of a murderer, his work on How Do You Know proved he can be a loving father. Jack Nicholson‘s acting range is something few actors have achieved, and probably ever will. He will be remembered as one of the greatest actors ever.

For some validation on that last sentence, take a look at his method acting approach in The Shining:


Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Season Pass Revealed

This is an article I wrote on

The wait is almost over. Resident Evil returns to its horror roots with the seventh entry in the series, and with its release so close, details of the season pass have surfaced. Capcom recently revealed in full what Resident Evil 7‘s season pass will hold, and it is as follows:

  • Banned Footage: Volume 1
    • Nightmare
    • Bedroom
    • Ethan Must Die
  • Banned Footage: Volume 2
    • 21
    • Daughters
    • Jack’s 55th Birthday
  • Additional Story Episodes

The information given seems very cryptic, but jives with the tense and surreal nature of the game itself. There are several pre-order bundles of Resident Evil 7 currently available for purchase.  The season pass’ going price is $29.99 on PC, with it being housed in a deluxe edition for $89.99 on PS4 and Xbox One.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Marguerite Baker peeking through a doorway.

Resident Evil 7 kicks the much-loved franchise back into a horror setting after three entries of over the top action. Gone are the monsters riding tanks, zombies wielding machine guns, and the bombastic world-ending scenarios. Returning are the slow paced and creepy locations mixed with methodical creatures lurking around every corner. It’s set four years after the events of Resident Evil 6 and takes place in the fictional city of Dulvey, Lousiana. A new protagonist will star, a man named Ethan Winters, and he’s more of an everyman than Chris Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy were in previous games. Resident Evil 7 was unveiled at E3 2016 and was met with praise.

For fans looking for a peak at what’s to come, the Resident Evil 7: Beginning Hour demo is available for download on all major platforms. In it, the horrors of the Baker family house are delved into as the player can explore a small portion of the larger whole. With multiple endings and an option for VR, Beginning Hour offers enough to tide people over until the main dish.

Resident Evil 7 releases January 24, on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.