Battlefield 1 March Expansion Revealed

It’s time to take the fight to France.

This March, Battlefield 1’s first expansion pack will drop. Titled Thou Shall Not Pass, the battle will be focused in France and will come with four new maps, weapons, and a few new game modes.

The new maps include a variety of ways to play and objectives to complete, in typical Battlefield fashion. Verdun Heights is a battle to take over Verdun Fortress all while avoiding a raging forest fire. Once players reach the fortress, combat changes from large open spaces too tight and narrow corridors.  This type of map is not new to Battlefield, but Verdun Heights promises a raging uphill climb to shake things up.  In Soissons, the second new map, Battlefield 1 takes you to a once peaceful French town now torn by the world war.

The third map coming to Battlefield 1 is Rupture, which recreates the real life battle of the French army fighting in the trenches side by side with dilapidated tanks. Rounding out these new maps is The Battle of Verdun, which was also a real life battle fought in World War 1.

Soldier in a cloud of Mustard Gas

A new mode named Frontlines will come with the expansion, and this aims to have players fight for control of a single flag. When captured, the flag changes locations to the enemy’s control point. Finally, rounding out this expansion, a new French class will be included as well as several new vehicles and a new Trench Raider elite class, which is equipped with a large number of grenades.

Battlefield 1 released last October and was met with tons of critical and commercial success. DICE, the developer, took the series from a modern setting to World War 1; a setting no mainstream war game has touched before. Since October, millions of players have been battling and eagerly awaiting DICE’s next move.


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