Apple Reportedly Launching a 4K Apple TV

Streaming services and devices that utilize it are trumping standard TV services. Apple jumped on this bandwagon a few years ago when they launched the Apple TV, a device similar to a Roku Box. It comes with a multitude of channels to choose from and stream hours of content through the internet.

With the surge of 4K compatibility, Apple looks to take advantage of this and reportedly will launch a 4K streaming device in the near future. 4K TVs are out on the market, but they’re pretty pricey at the moment. There are already a few devices that can stream 4K, like the PlayStation 4 Pro and the Google Chromecast Ultra.

Bloomberg reports that Apple’s new 4K TV device will also support HDR (high dynamic range) if the customer’s TV is compatible. HDR equalizes the level of light on-screen to make images look more realistic and less washed out. Bloomberg also stated that Apple’s original intent was to have their TV replace cable set-top boxes altogether and stream live TV. Along with that, there were plans to release a video game console version.

The Apple TV device. It’s not an actual TV.

The only thing holding this new device back is this the weak sales of the previous TVs. They’re one of the lesser selling Apple devices, which is why they hired Timothy Twerdhal, former Amazon Fire chief, as a consultant to up their game. Amazon has seen success in their streaming devices, as they’re tied in the market with the Roku box.

Cable services have been going by the wayside for the past few years, with many people “cutting the cord.” As subscription services go up, prices for streaming services stay relativity¬†cheap in comparison. With this new 4K TV device and with 4K itself slowly making its way into peoples’ homes, this could potentially be the right step for Apple. If not, there’s always the iPhone.


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