DC’s The Flash Movie Script Getting Another Rewrite

It’s been a tough road for DC’s fastest man alive, The Flash.

The Flash himself will be debuting in Justice League later this year, but his own standalone film has hit a lot of bumps in the road. Originally, Seth Grahame-Smith was attached to direct the film a few years ago, but he dropped out citing “creative differences”. After months of trying to find a new director, DC landed on Rick Famuyiwa who was hot off the success of his film Dope.

Unfortunately, Famuyiwa dropped out a few months ago, too. He also cited “creative differences”. Since then the DC execs have been scrambling to find a suitable replacement. Now, it seems The Flash is going through some rewrites by King Arthur: Legend of the Sword and Robin Hood: Origins scribe Joby Harold.  According to DC, they’re looking to take The Flash in a new direction from what they previously were trying to accomplish. At the beginning of this entire DC Cinematic Universe, the tone for each film was going to be dark and serious. Now with all of the backlash from Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman, and Geoff Johns becoming the head of DC Films, it’s a safe bet that they’re going to want to make The Flash more lighthearted.

Ezra Miller as The Flash

The cast is going to remain the same, with Ezra Miller still playing Barry Allen aka The Flash, Kiersey Clemons as Iris West and Billy Crudup as Henry Allen. On the smaller screen, The Flash TV show on the CW is doing remarkably well. The DC Films division could be trying to capitalize on that style and tone, even though the TV show and the film will not have any connection.

The original release date for the movie was March 16, 2018, but with all of behind the scenes changes, that could change. DC has been trying desperately to catch up with Marvel’s cinematic success. So much so that their films have felt rushed and cobbled together. DC could be trying some serious course correction, and fans are eagerly awaiting the results.

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fIHH5-HVS9o%5B/embedyt%5D


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