PS4 Firmware Update 4.50 Incoming

The PS4’s newest firmware update will bring a load of cool new features.

Firmware 4.50 adds stuff fans have been wanting for a long time. The most notable being  External Hard Drive support. After the update, the PS4 will support up to 8gb worth of external space, so it will be a very long time before you run out of space. Whichever external drive is chosen it should work seamlessly with the PS4 and players will be able to freely move content back and forth between drives.

Custom Wallpapers will are coming in the new firmware and players can use any screenshot they took with the Share button and use that as a well paper. This is a feature the Xbox One already has, but PlayStation owners will soon do it too.

The PlayStation Symbol

The Quick Menu, a feature implemented in the previous firmware brought the main screen of the system as a pop-up menu while a game is in progress. Firmware 4.50 touches the Quick Menu up a bit, adding the ability to join or create chat parties while a game is being played.

The Notification list will also be improved on. Currently, there are different notifications with different categories and with 4.50 that can be streamlined for easier use.

For PlayStation VR, 3D Blu-Rays will be compatible with the new firmware. This simply means 3D movies will be watchable with a VR headset. A simple update, but it could provide hours of entertainment if you don’t get motion sickness.

Lastly, posts on the Playstation Activity feed will be touched up, and players can add messages, screenshots, and gifs directly to the feed. This will be a great way for players to express themselves.

Firmware 4.50 is currently in beta with no release date stated. Sony said “soon”, so we can expect it within the coming weeks.


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