A Green Lantern Reporting Confirmed For Justice League

This is from an article I wrote for The Nerd Stash – http://thenerdstash.com/green-lantern-may-be-in-justice-league/

The DCEU is still trying to get a leg up in the comic book movie genre. As anyone can see, Marvel is the king when it comes to making a well fleshed out cinematic universe. DC has had a very rocky road, and with their attempt to play catch up, there are two DC movies slated for this year. One of them is Wonder Woman and the other is their hail mary.

Justice League is due out in November and is directed by Zack Snyder, someone who DC fans are now skeptical about due to his track record with other DC films. Justice League sees Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash, Cyborg and Superman go up against Steppenwolf, a notable DC villain. There have been numerous incarnations of Justice League with members rotating left and right. One of the most famous members is Green Lantern.

Jon Stewart, one of the other human Green Lanterns.

Green Lantern is one of an army of Green Lanterns. The Green Lanterns are a peace-keeping core of space cops who patrol the galaxy and make sure everything is good. The most famous, Hal Jordan, who was the first in the comics. Could the Green Lantern make an appearance in Justice League? The Wrap’s Umberto Gonzales did a live Q&A recently to talk about the DCEU. A fan asked him about Green Lantern‘s inclusion in the film and Gonzales said there’s a rumor that a Lantern will appear. Now, he stated it’s a rumor and also if it is true it wouldn’t be Hal Jordan. He said the Lantern has a “funny sounding name”.

There are millions of Green Lanterns across the galaxy, across all alien races. So, it could be an alien coming to visit in Justice League. It could also be a set up for the announced Green Lantern Corps film. Since DC is throwing everything at the wall until something sticks, the inclusion of a Green Lantern in Justice League comes as little surprise.


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