Is Emma Stone in Death Stranding?

This is from an article I wrote for The Nerd Stash –

Emma Stone is one of the most talked about actors in the world right now. She’s hot off her success with the smash hit film La La Land, but could she be involved with Hideo Kojima’s new game Death Stranding?

Death Stranding was revealed last E3 and it’s Kojima’s first new game after making Metal Gear Solid games for over 20 years. Right away in the reveal trailer, actor Norman Reedus was shown to be the protagonist of the game. A few months later in another trailer, Guillermo Del Toro and Mads Mikkelson were introduced to be included as well. It’s clear at this point Kojima is gathering a star-studded cast. Could Emma Stone be the next person on the list?

Yesterday Kojima tweeted that a female actress will be a part of Death Stranding. He didn’t say who, but since he’s naturally a cryptic guy he dropped some hints over Twitter. For quite some time, he’s been tweeting a lot about La La Land, which he seemed to love. He also mentioned meeting up with an actress last December and in a few series of tweets talked about La La Land. This has lead many to speculate Emma Stone could be in Death Stranding. 

Mads Mikkelson in Death Stranding

Now to get even weirder, Kojima tweeted a picture of a female mannequin wearing a beanie that said “Lionsgate” on it. Lionsgate is the studio directly involved with La La Land. It could be a strange coincidence or it really could be that Stone is a character in Death Stranding. Kojima seems like a game developer who wants one foot in the gaming world and another in Hollywood. He’s an avid movie buff, and cinematically styled his past games like feature films. Now, with his new game, he’s blending movie and game making to the next level by casting popular actors.


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